Veronika Dzhioeva. Three days in Moscow

"Veronika Dzhioeva. Three days in Moscow" is a television documentary portrait film dedicated to Veronika Dzhioeva (soprano).

What can be done in three days in Moscow? Veronika Dzhioeva proposed her own version. For 7 years now, she has been living in Prague and is not often in Moscow. But during these three days she managed to perform in the Verdi Gala solo concert on the stage of the Bolshoi Hall of the Conservatory, go on to the stage of the Bolshoi Theater in Don Carlos, meet friends and treat them to Ossetian pies.

And most importantly, to tell about yourself and your family scattered around the world - a little daughter in St. Petersburg, an adult son in Ossetia, parents in Germany.

You can watch it on the site of the channel Culture

Script writer: Oksana Shaparova
Director: Andrey Kiyanitsa
Producer: Quiz Petrosyants